Ali Edwards Creative Team 2017

FRIENDS. Want to know the real motivation for starting this blog back up? Well, besides the fact that I’ve missed it like crazy, and besides the fact that I have so much to share, there’s also this other really fun – really exciting – announcement that came out today.

I’m joining the 2017 Ali Edwards Creative Team.


If you’ve followed me for a while, you know how passionate I am about stories. You know how much I love documenting life. And you know how much I love bringing photos + words together into albums.

Ali has been my story telling, memory keeping mentor since I discovered this way of documenting life back in 2011. Her simple, elegant style has informed the way I approach my projects. And her products are, hands-down, my absolute favorite.

I can’t wait to share my stories, my projects here in this space and on the Little Paper Projects Blog.

Here’s my Little Summer JOY Album, which featured Ali’s story stamp “stuff”.


My annual Week in the Life from this spring.

Week in the Life 2016 by Julie Love Gagen using digital Ali Edwards files and Project Life

And my physical December Daily album from last year.

December Daily Album 2015 by Julie Love Gagen using Ali Edwards products

You can find my past projects on my former blog (How I Sustain) at the following tags:

And, as always, find more of everything that I’m working on, while I’m working on it, on Instagram @JulieLoveG.


Happy crafting!





  1. Julie, I am so excited to see you’ll be on the AE team this coming year! What a great match for you! Can’t wait to see what you in store.


      Thanks SO much, Mandy! It totally is. Love everything she does and really excited for the coming year. 🙂

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