Finishing Projects with the 100 Day Project

YOU GUYS. Ladies. It’s that time of year again when we get to dive into something creative for 100 days with Elle Luna’s 100 Day Project.

What is the 100 Day Project, you ask?

Exactly what it sounds like: doing something for 100 days. Anything. Writing. Yoga. Smiling. Photographing. Painting. Singing. Juggling. You name it, you do it. For 100 days. Check out the comments below this Instagram post to get ideas for your own project:


Writing Every Day – #The100DayProject in 2016

Last year (2016) I wrote every day for 100 days – sometimes something small, sometimes just in my planner, and sometimes something bigger – like a blog post or text for an upcoming class.

It was life changing, one small step at a time.

You can read all about how that project started (along with a bunch of great tips on sticking with it for 100 days) here.

You see, I needed a creative outlet after a really rough first trimester, I was in a total rut. My business plans for the year were squashed. My big goals were impossible. And I was weak, tired, sick, and a little hopeless (heyy, depression!).

The truth is, I was stuck. I needed to pick myself up. I needed something to inspire me to try something new. Something to help me dig myself out of the slump. And writing every day was exactly that. It helped me carry myself out of that dark place and get back to the person that I know I am. And that’s exactly what writing every day did for me.

Because when something is routine, it becomes easy. It flows. And when we follow the flow, life unfolds in a more natural pace. You can read more on the outcomes of being super reflective (along with a fun and free download!) here.

100 Happy Days – #The100DayProject in 2014

In 2014, I did a similar project called 100 Happy Days. It was a photo documentation project to capture something joyful in each and every day. It was revolutionary. And it changed the way I felt about my life.

YES. Big stuff, friends.

You can see more of my past 100 Day Project posts here.

This Year: #100DaysofFinishingProjects

Fast forward to this year – it’s time for something new. Something a little bigger. As I now build my business, my expertise, in new ways. As I collect and reflect. As I grow and expand. And yet – I feel myself being held back by things left undone.

So I did this thing that Jess Lively always talks about: I wrote to my intuition.

And do you know what my intuition said?

That I need to tie up loose ends. Complete projects. Finish the things that have been left undone. I feel like I’m on the cusp of a shift in my life. Not a little one – but a bigger, tidal pull towards something new. And finishing projects is one way that I can prepare myself, my home, my life for that change.

Because sometimes, in order to move forward, we must first complete the things holding us back.

So there it is.

100 Days of finishing projects.


Check back, every week through JULY as I share my progress, the things I’m working on, and what has been captured in this wonderfully fulfilling project.




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