Hey, Baby!

YOU GUYS. A little over two months ago a not-so-tiny and totally-amazing little person came into our lives. And life just hasn’t been the same ever since.

Friends, meet Adeline.

Born on September 10th after 15 hours of back labor (yes, I’m still including that as part of her story 😉 ), she weighed 8lb 14 oz and 20 inches long. She’s a little spitfire, a great sleeper, and a total yoga baby.


Adeline at 5 days old

I have so many stories to share. So many amazing moments. So many things I’ve learned this second time around. And I can’t wait to share that here, regularly, with you.

So stay tuned, friend.

And I’m SO so happy to be back.




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  2. Jessica Sager

    I’m chuckling at that spam comment.

    I found your blog through your paper projects site, from a post showing a love where you live mini notebook. At any rate, I just wanted to say your baby girl is beautiful. Time goes so fast! Blessings to you and I hope 2017 finds you grounded and secure. I’ll be checking in on your site!

    – Jessica (a non-robotic commenter)

    • jgagen@gmail.com

      Haha! Thanks, Jessica! I totally passed over that spam comment until you mentioned it. Maybe I’ll leave it up because it is SO off tone. 🙂

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