January (Almost) Whole 30

This month I’m hosting another January Whole30, this time focused on progressively adjusting what we eat, until we’re eating the Whole30 way. It’s an approach that I developed for myself in 2015 because I was both deeply skeptical of Whole30 (and diets in general) and because it was too rough on the body to do it all at once (literally gave me pain).

Moms don’t have time to be down and out, and it’s hard enough to get good food in our bodies (most of us have, at one time, ended up eating a cold, leftover chicken finger or two for “lunch”). So rather than crying in pain for a few days, or possibly weeks, and rather than following the strictest version of Whole30 (let’s be serious, how many of us have time to make our own mayo – or want to?), we work on a progressive approach. An “Almost Whole 30.”

What is Whole30? It’s a no-grains, sugar, dairy, legumes, or additives approach to eating. It’s WHOLE foods, slow foods, unprocessed foods.

Here are there Whole30 Rules.


That’s a lot to cut out. And while the benefits are clear: reduced inflammation, increased energy, improved digestion, optimized hormones, it can be really hard to get to the point where you’re eating the Whole30 way.

Enter: Almost Whole30.

Each week in the month of January, I eliminate one food category from my diet, until I’m eating Whole30. Here’s the schedule:

  • Week 1 | January 2nd: No Dairy
  • Week 2 | January 9th: No Grains
  • Week 3 | January 16th: No Legumes
  • Week 4 | January 23rd: No Sugar/No Additives/ Full Whole30 diet

At the end, you can continue with the Whole30 for a full 30 days (January 23 – February 21) or a week. Or maybe you don’t do it “all the way” at all.

Regardless, at the end, you’ll feel better, you’ll eat better, and you’ll have the experience of knowing what it’s like to cut out the additives and live cleaner.

Not sure if it’s right for you? Check out this post I wrote after my first round of Whole30 in 2015: Honest Feedback: My (First) Experience with Whole30.


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