One Little Word 2017 | Secure in my Body: The January Project

Every year I choose one word to set the tone for what I want to invite into my life, what I want to work on, what I want to guide me through the ups and downs, the twists and turns, that come my way (as they always do).

Most years I use the word as a way to reflect, to come back to myself when I feel a little lost, need a little support, or want a little inspiration. The word stays with me. It informs big decisions. It provides guidance when I need it. It is my way of coming back to where I am. It is grounding. A foundation, of sorts.

This year I’m breaking with tradition a bit. Partly because I need to. Partly because I want to. Partly because there is just SO MUCH TO DO.

So this year, I’m using SECURE as a jumping off point to get into some of my deeper needs — like repairing my body, mind, and spirit after having a baby, securing myself in my career, getting really clear on my personal and business goals, and executing all of it from a solid, comfortable, and healthy place.

It’s not an easy task, but a necessary one. And, like any other big personal project, it requires a bit of planning, a steady commitment, and a lot of work.


You can read more about my plan for this year’s One Little Word Project here. You can read more about the background of this year’s word SECURE – and why I chose it – here.

Secure: One Month at a time

Each month, I’m working a different aspect of my life to make it more SECURE. From my health, body, mind, spirit, my relationships, to my home, finances, etc. – each aspect of my life will slowly get its own mini project. This approach is a way for me to really focus in on this word. A way for me to do the work I need to do. A way to dive deeper into the stuff that usually never gets uncovered.

That might look like a daily practice, a regular ritual, a routine, depending on my focus each month. I’ll record it, work through it, and share it all here.

Getting Started

Okay, so the truth is – I didn’t wait for the start of the year to make this happen. I started this first project on the day after Christmas and I’m already working through the second one. But, for the sake of organization, we’re calling this a “monthly” project. And this first monthly project is all about reclaiming my body. Getting secure in it. Loving it. And moving on.

Secure in My Body

So this first mini project was an obvious one if you know me. I’m three months postpartum and I’m SO DONE with having a body that feels foreign to me.

Say what you want about the female body – how beautiful it truly is, how incredible it is to grow life, how absolutely precious that little human inside you is – that is you and your husband and, just like that, it comes out and smiles and screams and you love it to absolute pieces. And that little person is an extension of you. It requires every bit of you. And more. And you give it, willingly, over and over again.

And that’s all true.

But the other side of that is a little darker. There is, of course, the discomfort. The pain. The responsibility to make choices – EVERY SINGLE CHOICE – knowing that your choice affects the very foundation on which an entire human life is created.

There is the external attention you get from being pregnant – on your good days, people are happy, on your hard days, people are so incredibly kind. There is the guessing. The asking. The wondering – is it a girl or a boy, when will it come, how are you feeling, how can I help you? And that’s great. And it’s wonderful. And it’s a gift. But sometimes it’s nice not to be noticed for what you look like. Sometimes it’s nice to just be in a space. By yourself.

Then, of course, there is the need to manage your body, your symptoms, your growing baby with vitamins, diet, and medication. There is not enough exercise and too much. There is not enough sleep and too much. There is not enough good food and just not enough calories.

Considerations occupy every single thing you do. Every place that you go. Every picture that you take. Every meal that you eat. Every person that you talk to. EVERYTHING.

And it’s awesome. And it’s a gift. And it’s beautiful.

But I am SO OVER IT.

So this month I’m working hard to get secure in my body. To secure my body. To physically uncover that which was me. And to bring it back to the surface.

The Healthy Body Plan

So I have this magic formula for being the most healthy version of myself. It’s really simple. And while it takes a bit of work to get there, I know that this combination of diet and exercise will get me back to where I want to be – every single time.

Whole 30 + Hot Yoga

That’s it.

I’m taking a progressive approach to Whole 30 – eliminating a different food group each week, or as I can, until I naturally get down to the diet (which is basically just meat, veggies, fruit, and nuts).

And I signed up for a full month of unlimited hot yoga at a local studio. And it’s all getting tracked in my Bullet Journal (BuJo).

Let the sweat begin.


Products Used in this Post:

  • Ali Edwards One Little Word physical kit + album
  • Ali Edwards January 2017 Digital Releases
  • Ali Edwards January 2017 Story Stamp + Story Kit (Numbers theme)
  • Moleskine Dot Chapter Notebook (that’s my Bullet Journal)
  • Midori Traveler’s Notebook – plain pages
  • Random small notebook from my collection


So there it is!  I can’t wait to check back and let you know how it’s going.






For several years Ali Edwards has started her year with a word. No resolutions or promises to break, just one little word® to check back on for guidance or reflection. As she describes it, “You live with it. You invite it into your life. You let it speak to you. Follow where it leads. There are so many possibilities.” After a challenging 2016, my choice for 2017 is to become SECURE. Each month, I’m focused on a different aspect of securing who I am, where I am, and what we’re doing. I hope you’ll join me on this journey. For more of my one little word, follow my tag one little word.

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