Telling Your Story: The Best Macchiato EVER

Ever have one of those moments when you’re out somewhere and you look around you, wondering if you’re being pranked?

I had one of those moments recently. And it was a mix of funny, and super frustrating, and it ended with the best macchiato ever.

So I told the story, via Facebook status, in the car, while I slowly sipped my delicious drink. And it felt great — both to decompress from the frustration of waiting SO LONG to get my drink and to laugh it off, because it really was kind of funny.

So what do you do when you have this great story to tell, you write it out, and post it somewhere? Is that the end of it? Does it stay there, buried in your newsfeed, for eternity? Or do you document it, in some way, so that you can refer back to it in the years to come?

I thought of that this month as I was working on my Eat Story Kit traveler’s notebook for Ali Edwards’ Creative Team.

Finally, an opportunity to merge media (Facebook) with memory keeping!

The Story

I have to say – if this Cinnamon Almond Milk Macchiato wasn’t sooooooo gooooddd, I would probably be frustrated right now.

Apparently something about my face, or the urgency of “I have 3 kids in the car, hurry!”, upset the male barista (barrister?) because he made every drink except mine, then disappeared into the back room for long enough that I thought he went on break. Not kidding. I had to ask another employee if they forgot me. When he came back, he restocked milks for five minutes. A FULL five minutes.

That’s right, friend. One long, painfully slow trip after another, he restocked the almond milk, followed by the coconut milk, then made a trip for 2 gallons of whole milk, and don’t forget the 2% … and, of course, the skim milk. Each a separate trip, of course.

It was a little comical. Like REALLY?! How many different milks can there possibly be?!?! And they all need to be restocked RIGHT NOW. And what are the other 16 people working here doing other than not helping??! Dear lord.

But even though angrily sloshed the milk into my cup and made his frustration known as he sprinkled the cinnamon and jostled the chocolate topping, only to dump out half the flavoring, grumpily slap it in a second cup, and drop it on the counter like it had a contagious fungus, this drink was DE-LI-CIOUS.

And as much as I would love to hold a grudge, I walked out to find the kids – all three – asleep in the car (it’s a miracle!!) and now I’m listening to Noevelle Vogue, reading a magazine, and enjoying every last sip of this dairy free treat while Chris grocery shops by himself.

Dear barista, you move like a turtle and I’m not sure what I did to piss you off, but I’ll happily do it again, sir, because when you’re angry, you make an especially delicious macchiato.

👊🏻😎☕️ Cheers, friends.

Documenting it in a TN

So I took this story, copied it from Facebook, and pasted it into a Pages file (the Macintosh equivalent of MS Word), added some digital stamps from Ali Edwards’ Eat Story Kit, and printed it on matte photo paper.

Of course, I added some stickers, a Project Life card from the Forever Young kit, and drew lines around the photo and digital stamps.

It’s touches like that, together, that can make a digital-hybrid project feel more handmade. Crafted. Rather than the stiffness of a digital-only book.


Supplies Used:


I hope this post inspires you to consider documenting your own stories, especially those you tell – in long form or short – on social media, and translate them into a book you can have and refer back to for years to come.


P.S. You can see the full album on the LPP Blog here.

Happy documenting, friends!