Update on LPP and What’s coming in 2017

Hi Friends!

Continuing the switch to a more focused online experience, I’m switching things up between this space – my personal blog – and my professional spaces (Little Paper Projects and Power Yoga with Julie).

Like all things, but especially when there’s a squishy little baby taking up all your free time, this is a slow, progressive move.

I’ll share updates here during the transition, so you know where to catch the latest from me.

And, over time, you’ll be able to choose your space.

Little Paper Projects will house all of my in-progress, paper-loving, total nerd-fest of digital and scrapbooky-love. It will also have products and classes related to capturing your life, as it is, and writing about it.

Power Yoga with Julie will house all of my yoga products and services. I’ll also have more discussion on food + health there.

And this space will be a total mish-mosh of the best of both. Where updates like this give you links to where you can go to find more, but not too much of any one thing.

So there you have it.

I can’t wait for 2017 with you, friend!




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