Welcome to My New Blog!

Hi There!
Thank you SO so much for joining me in this new space, where I’ll share all of my favorite forms of creative inspiration, current projects, where I’ll talk about life as a mom, yogi, and an entrepreneur, and anything else that I feel inspired to share.

Transitioning into this space is giving me an immense sigh of relief. I have loved blogging for a lot of years, and I have built a wonderful community at How I Sustain. But it was time to move forward. To grow. To change. To build new spaces. And this space, under my name, feels completely free. Uninhibited.

It feels like a whole new adventure.

So now you can find me online in three different places.


First, here. In this blog. Where you’ll get snippets of what I make and do. Where you’ll get more about life – in progress. Telling your story. Finding your voice. And self-love. And, of course, documenting it all with photography. Story Telling. Memory keeping.

Second, at Renegade Power Yoga, where you’ll get all things yoga + sustainable living + smoothies + eating whole foods. And, most importantly, online yoga classes that inspire you to get on your mat and give your body, and your mind, some much needed love.

Third, at Little Paper Projects, where you’ll get inspired on all of the creative projects that we run and lead as part of our growing – and totally inspirational – community of crafters.


I can’t wait to see where this goes. And I’m SO so excited to experience this journey, with you.






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