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Hi! I’m Julie – an avid memory keeper and yoga teacher committed to helping women love their bodies AND their stories.

About Me

I am an incredibly honest, goal-oriented, former suit-wearer, with a background in financial consulting, engineering, non-profit international development, organizational management, and now a wellness-oriented creative blogger who is passionate about helping people find their version of living well.


Currently, I own a small yoga business Power Yoga with Julie in Massachusetts where I teach (mostly) moms how to get their body lean, toned, and gorgeous, all while enjoying the luscious splendor which is an awesome, and incredibly relaxing, yoga class.

Yes, friend, it’s possible. Take my word for it. It’s all about the fascia.

Local Yoga Classes

Yoga Online

And, thanks to SO MANY requests from friends and family, I now have an online yoga business where I’ll teach you everything you need to have an amazing home yoga practice that works for you and your schedule and fits into YOUR LIFE.

Online Yoga Courses

YouTube Channel

Memory Keeping

You can also take memory keeping classes with me online through my business Little Paper Projects, a course website + community committed to self-love through memory keeping. We believe that learning to tell your story is an amazingly powerful way to learn to love your story.

Little Paper Projects

My Projects

It’s a strange path, I know. But bear with me, because I firmly believe that all of these professional paths are going to converge to my through line: the point in my career where all of those seemingly different professional careers all come together. And when I get there, you’ll say: OH, that makes sense.

I’ll say that too, because it will be a happy surprise for all of us. 😉

For more on my evolving business, follow me on twitter, instagram, or Pinterest, and get inspired to find your sustainability.